First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

NWN Haven’t started watching the first Trump-Biden Presidential Debate? Join now with the following links to watch live on Fox, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, or NBC. Every vote helps decide the next four years of the United States history! Fox: ABC: CBS: Bloomberg: NBC: Here’s something to get you watching; so… Read More First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

A Hidden Message

By Nathan Wayne BLM protests are sparking a much needed revival in our ignorant society, everyone has turned a blind eye to police brutality and other harmful hate acts falling on this distraught community. However, when fighting for a cause you care so much about, why should you be supporting a string of other organizations… Read More A Hidden Message

A Bird’s-Eye View

By Regina Rodeghiero Can you imagine being surrounded by vividly vibrant colors and unusual patterns on various birds flying about you? This is an everyday sight for birds, but as for humans, the sight is otherworldly and unimaginable. How do bird’s eyes and human’s eyes differ? When birds look at each other, they see an… Read More A Bird’s-Eye View

Gardening Solutions

By Nathan Wayne Throughout this quarantine “season” we have all discovered different newfound interests. For me, one of these interests has been gardening. The benefits of growing your own food are countless. When gardening, skills such as architecture and interests in botany are developed, making the possibilities endless. Certain people lean toward the box planter… Read More Gardening Solutions

Our Model Politician

By Nathan Wayne Some politicians will spend their lives trying to get to the top without doing anything effective. A good example of a model politician is Senator Ling Ling Chang. On February 21st, 2020, I had the pleasure of interviewing her at the District Office in Brea. Senator Ling Ling Chang was born In… Read More Our Model Politician

A Sick Fib

By Nathan Wayne Now you are getting tired of constant news headlines about the octopus like ball, and the same information being repeated to you every minute. This has finally become a real nightmare. Maybe you have not seen your parents/grandparents since this started, or you might just miss those times you used to go… Read More A Sick Fib