SN8 Launch Explosion

By Nathan Wayne It appears that SpaceX’s Starship SN8 just crashed onto Texas soil and exploded into smithereens. This is a successful test flight as they will learn more about its weaknesses, however, this explosion may set SpaceX back in rocket improvement speed. No injuries are expected to be reported. On December 9 close to… Read More SN8 Launch Explosion

A Problem For All Creatures

By Nathan Wayne In November, Denmark culled millions of minks. Why? Something you would never guess; COVID-19. These carcasses from the culled and buried minks recently started to pop out of their “mass burial sites” and Denmark is considering performing a disinfection and cleaning of some sort before burying them again.  According to local police,… Read More A Problem For All Creatures

Google: Carbon Neutral since 2007 ; Projected Carbon Free 2030

By Leah Modica With over 100,000 employees, 70 world wide offices, and 2.5 billion android users, Google has reached sustainable goals no other company ever has before. Google has been Carbon Neutral since 2007, with plans to operate on Carbon-Free energy in 2030.  In September of 2020, Google formally released their Sustainability Report to the… Read More Google: Carbon Neutral since 2007 ; Projected Carbon Free 2030

Holiday Hassle

By Nathan Wayne As we all have learned in this wretched time, the world’s governmental systems are unable to fully control the actions of people. However, in order to try to contain COVID-19 the governments have been setting curfews, travel “bans”, and shutting down certain traveling industries. Whether citizens and the different governments like it… Read More Holiday Hassle

The Breakdown of Sustainability

By Leah Modica Publishers Note: Leah Modica is NWN’s resident Sustainability Research Journalist. She currently resides in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and has dedicated her time to the fight for a sustainable planet. Sustainability is a grey zone for many. It is an ambiguous term that entails various different definitions depending on whom you may ask.… Read More The Breakdown of Sustainability

Leaders In Danger

By Nathan Wayne Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, actors, politicians, and other famous figures have come down with the disease, and very recently it was announced that one of President Trump’s aids tested positive for the virus. This is not the first time this has happened, but this time we immediately saw a change in the… Read More Leaders In Danger

A Debate Of Childish Actions

By Nathan Wayne On September 30, 2020, half of the U.S. watched one of the most downright unprofessional debates the world has ever seen. The other half saved themselves from a racking headache. Every question started with the time in which each candidate had to answer, and the words “uninterrupted” being told like a rule… Read More A Debate Of Childish Actions