Gardening Solutions

By Nathan Wayne

Throughout this quarantine “season” we have all discovered different newfound interests. For me, one of these interests has been gardening. The benefits of growing your own food are countless. When gardening, skills such as architecture and interests in botany are developed, making the possibilities endless.

Certain people lean toward the box planter (Image 1). The main reason for this is to provide an animal-free space with minimal weeds. Depending on the size, these can range anywhere in price from $30-$400. Other options include in-ground box planters which basically block off a square of dirt for a less showy garden.

Though, you might prefer larger versions of gardening through trees and shrubs (Image 2). BEWARE that planting fruit trees can cause long-term damage to pipes, structures, and pavement. For certain variations of fruit, such as the avocado, it is recommended to space up to 30 feet between plants and structures. Fruit trees can be bought from seedlings at a price varying from $10-$50 or matured at $75-$1000. Certain fruit trees must be covered during summer to prevent heat damage.

Personally, I prefer landscaped flower gardens (Image 3). These can be fun to work on, as they can include ponds, trellises, and statues. If you are on a budget you can find seeds and dirt for $5, but if you want to go tropical with more diverse plants/bulbs than you still only need to pay around $20.

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NOTE: All pictures were taken from our gardens, both established gardens and test gardens.

Bystander Reliance And A Crazy Uncovering

By Nathan Wayne

The citizens of African-American communities have long-asked for police body cameras (also known as police cams and bodycams). Police excuses include the following; “their too expensive”,  “mine was turned off”, and “it ran out of battery”. To the detriment of justice-seeking George Floyd protestors; this time that was definitely not the case. Police cam footage was released from one of the police officers who arrived at the George Floyd scene. The problem that people have with this was that after reviewing the footage, the final decision was to charge former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with Manslaughter and Third-Degree murder. Third-Degree Murder is basically classified as involuntary/accidental, but many people wish Derek Chauvin to be charged with First-Degree Murder because in the footage you see George Floyd pleading for air.

A former Minneapolis club-owner stated that Derek Chauvin and George Floyd were once co-workers, bringing hope to George Floyd’s family for a possible First-Degree Murder Charge. If proven that they had previous encounters, the murder of George Floyd could have possibly been on purpose.

Usually if a police cam is not in use, police forces rely on bystanders to relay events. According to the Minneapolis Police Department: “disciplinary action would be taken if a police officer does not have [their body cam] on when arriving at a scene”. So in the George Floyd case, bystander reliance was not needed. Something that would have been helpful, though, would have been intervention by the Minneapolis Police Department itself, as Derek Chauvin had 18 prior complaints against him.

Aside from the George Floyd case we can see how justice has more recently been brought to two students who, as shown in bodycam footage, were allegedly pulled from their car at a protest on Saturday. This incident resulted in six Atlanta Police Officers being charged earlier today.

The Wrong Answer

By Nathan Wayne, article suggestion by Patricia Gilbert

Violence is never the answer. While we want to express our deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd; a resident who was killed by an officer charged with third degree murder, we know that this is not the memory a deceased person would want to leave behind.

Violent protesters, who are identified to be in association with Antifa, have caused peaceful nationwide protests to turn into riots. While police brutality is something that should not be tolerated; tagging buildings, lighting things on fire, and smashing police cars are possibly the worst ways to call for change. Ongoing changes are being made to each cities’ handle on the riots, but the most current one being enforced are curfews. Recently Los Angeles sent out a wide-scale error message, announcing their curfew to be from 5 P.M. to 6 A.M., when it was really never changed from its original 6-6 curfew.

The death of a person is always a sad time, sometimes even a call for change; but mixing innocent protesters with harmful rioters who do not mean to portray the same message is not acceptable. This is why I urge everyone to stop protesting for the time being, because your message has been heard and now it is being warped by those who wish to do our country harm.

Our Model Politician

By Nathan Wayne

Some politicians will spend their lives trying to get to the top without doing anything effective. A good example of a model politician is Senator Ling Ling Chang. On February 21st, 2020, I had the pleasure of interviewing her at the District Office in Brea.

Senator Ling Ling Chang was born In Taipei, Taiwan. She grew up in Walnut and Diamond Bar. After attending UC Riverside she developed an interest in politics and in helping her community. Her first political position started when she served for the Diamond Bar Community Foundation Board. She became Board President and was later appointed to Parks and Recreation Commissioner. 

She ran for the Diamond Bar Water Board in 2005 and was underestimated, but won with a 51.8% vote and served four years. Later, her campaign for the Diamond Bar City Council began, where she served five years. After serving on City Council, she became a State Assembly Member, and finally Senator. Senator Chang has always been innately shy, but this is her theory: “I believe you should step outside your comfort zone in order to grow.”

Senator Chang is actively involved in STEM for youth. After our interview I attended a Senate App Challenge with her. She was President of Youth Science Center, a non-profit promoting STEM education, and while being Senator she has created innovative ways for children to learn.

One of the main issues Senator Chang has been working with is the homeless crisis. She is currently working with cities who are dealing with the homeless to find a unique “multi-pronged approach”. She is making sure that elected officials at the front lines have the proper materials to work hand in hand with the homeless. She prefers to be addressed as a “public servant” rather than a politician because she feels like that is a better job description.

Even though Senator Chang is a busy woman, she likes to have fun, too! During the little free time the Senator is given, her three Long Haired Chihuahuas get lots of attention. Another interesting time occupier of  hers are extreme sports; “I used to surf and I recently Snowboarded after a long hiatus… I like tackling more of the challenging sports, I did a day trek up Mt. Whitnney and I really enjoy these things”. She is trying to learn different languages in her little free time. Right now her main languages are English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. Ronald Regean is her main political inspiration. When she was young she wrote a letter to him and asked him to stay in office longer because she did not understand that his terms were over and she was so inspired by him.

One of her first few bills she got signed was to allow state employees to use services like Uber, Lift, and Air B & B, etc. “It was a really tough battle, but we got it signed by the governor and the Sharing Economy Caucus used my bill as a model for the Federal Government”. When I asked her if she ever thought she was going to be involved in politics her response was; “Never ever ever, not in my wildest dreams or my worst nightmare”.

At the end of the day, politics is a dirty game, but Senator Ling Ling Chang has shown us all that it really doesn’t have to be that way. Her methods of passing bills that help our community without always offending other opinions are very effective. Her strategies that help develop our state without hurting the economy are game-changing. But best of all, her influence on our community has a huge impact.

A Sick Fib

By Nathan Wayne

Now you are getting tired of constant news headlines about the octopus like ball, and the same information being repeated to you every minute. This has finally become a real nightmare. Maybe you have not seen your parents/grandparents since this started, or you might just miss those times you used to go to the mall to look around. Every person has become afraid and countries are losing each other’s trust. When will this end? How will it end? How did it start? These are all things that the whole world is still unsure of, even with recent reopening. You might have noticed by now that I have not even mentioned what we are talking about, but I am sure you can take a guess.

The news being on your television 24/7 is the last thing that we need right now, but the only “activity” many of us have. Though, news articles are helpful to deliver thought-out stories that don’t give us a glimpse at a false hope. By now we all know the information that stations are going to report before they even do it. I also know for a fact that China’s case reporting was not a “little off”, but DRASTICALLY OFF. No evidence is needed to support this besides our populations and the cases reported. This is for everyone who doesn’t believe in COVID-19,and believes in China’s reporting.

In 2018 China had a population of about 1.3 billion according to the overall graph which you can look up in your browser provided by Wikipedia and such. They have had at most reported about 85,000 cases at the same time, rounded to the nearest thousand (5/26/2020). They started to report at the end of January, and had huge gatherings for Chinese New Year. We currently have over 20.6 times as many cases as China has currently reported. On top of that they are almost four times larger than the U.S. population wise, and many of their cities are very populous and compact (some being larger than NYC). Guangdong province which has the largest population out of all the Chinese provinces has most recently 111,000,000 citizens, and less than 2,000 reported cases, with less than 2,000 reported recoveries. We have more cases in Orange County, and as of 2018 our population is only 1.38 million, not including how we don’t have many close-together skyscrapers. 

All countries experiment with biological weapons and different ways to improve and dominate our advancing world, if not the universe. But China may have actually spread this virus to other countries on purpose. If they claim that they only have about 83,000 cases, it could be true. Maybe they have something we do not know about, a vaccine. If they had enough time in advance to know to wear masks and fully recover from this pandemic before the rest of the world even experienced it, then they clearly wished the world harm. This is not the fault of people in China, but rather the foolish government itself. For one last thing to leave you with; Shanghai has reported less than 700 cases and has a population of over 24,000,000 people.

I would like every reader to comment their thought on this question below; If we have reported 20 times as many cases as China, and if they are 4 times more populous than us (and closer together) than wouldn’t their information be at least 80 times off (considering they reportedly do not have a vaccine)?

This article was written on 5/26/2020, due to rapidly changing information we can not provide exact case numbers, but this has all fit together and been fact-checked as of that date.

Difference Creating Dangers

By Nathan Wayne

We have three types of people during this pandemic: Those who do not think COVID-19 is real, those who want to open everything up immediately, and then those who want everything to stay closed until there are less cases. Though, every single one of these “wants” have flaws. The problem is not so much the way that leaders are handling the shutdown, but mainly who is handling it. This has become a matter of Democrats Vs. Republicans.

It brings great sadness to my team when we see people judging leaders’ responses, rather than praising them for what they do. For example; Many conservatives do not agree with California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ideas, more specifically his COVID-19 response. Though, through his guidance we have less cases than many other East Coast states. The problem is that his “guidance” is viewed as more of a hindrance to some people because they think that this has gone on for too long. This is a tough issue to address because if we open up immediately we would not see the effects for a few weeks.

In New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, COVID-19 has unleashed its worst. This is something that we have yet to experience, which is both good and bad. This is good because not many of us have gotten sick or have seen others get sick. This is also bad at the same time because we do not have much to fear, as we have not experienced many detrimental effects of it. We are almost “stupid” in our knowledge of COVID-19 compared to those in the East Coast, that is why we do not take any articles outside of our organization on COVID-19.

The majority of our population has come to the realization of this not being a hoax, but many still want their “freedom” or “rights” back. Health officials understand that YOU might be responsible and safe, but what about the thousands who riot and still believe that it is fake. Thousands of patients who have this virus will tell you “This is no joke”, so if you think that this is all a joke then you are greatly mistaken. I will not directly speak for my whole organization, but anyone can clearly see where we stand on this.

Keeping everyone home is safe but impractical. Parents need to have a place for their children to go while they take care of family members, or while they go to work. Senator Chang said “Everyone says this is the ‘new normal’, but I sure hope not”. While this is entirely true, it is very unhealthy to think that it is going to go away anytime soon. We urge you to write a letter to your local Senator, Governor, or Mayor, thanking them for providing news conferences to inform you. We know that it can be hard not to mention the negative things, but this is a time of trauma and we need positivity!

The Medical Monthly: Obesity

By Garrett Garcia

Publishers note: I realize that this article may be a little longer than our average ones, though I believe that there is no better time than now to improve our healthy eating habits (and your probably doing nothing anyway). If you or someone you know struggles with obesity or weight problems than this is to help and inform you/them. For questions you can email the Medical Monthly Author at

Obesity (a complex disorder involving excessive quantities of fat) is an epidemic in the United States especially. If you think about the times before the ’80s, most people back then were thin. Nowadays you can not go anywhere in public without noticing that many people are at the very least, overweight. There are several different ways we can attempt to change our eating and exercise habits. Like most things, willpower is a very large and impacting factor in this problem. Before we begin to solve the problem of Obesity, we need to understand what causes it and what effects it can have on the human body.

Being obese greatly effects your heart and circulatory system. If you are obese, your heart has to work extra hard. This is because it has to push and pump blood past a whole lot of fat to make it around the whole circulatory system. When the heart has to work so hard to pump blood, it becomes weak and enlarged. This condition is simply called an Enlarged Heart. This weakened version of the heart puts the person into a higher chance of having a cardiac arrest.

The most common heart problem that affects the obese (and many other people) is high blood pressure. High blood pressure (also known as Hypertension) is a disease in which blood flows through arteries at very high pressure. This can cause problems such as poor vision, cardiac arrest, and kidney failure. Type 2 Diabetes is another effect of just poor eating in general (although a lot of obese people develop Diabetes). Being heavier also has a bad effect on the spine. Along with the other bones in their body, the spine is carrying way to much weight without getting the nutrients it needs to stay strong.

Cancer is also a very dangerous “side effect” of being obese. Being obese does not mean that you will certainly develop a form of cancer, it just raises your risk of getting cancer. You can have a significant risk of catching 13 different types of cancers. These cancers include Liver, Uterine, and breast cancer. If you contract one of these cancers, you would need to lose at least 50 pounds (depending on the persons starting weight) to just have a chance of beating cancer.

Since we now have a better understanding of this problem, we can start to solve it. Going to the gym or exercising will not only help you with laziness but will help you lose weight. The more overweight you are, the easier it is to lose weight. A slightly overweight person can healthily lose up to 2 pounds a week. The more overweight you are, the easier the body will dispose and burn all of the extra weight. Therefore, as you get lighter, it will slowly become harder to lose weight. It can be hard to exercise continuously. You need to decide yourself and realize that you are going to change your health and be different. Any form of physical activity will do good for anyone struggling with Obesity. However, exercising is not the only way to lose weight.

Diet plays a very large part in your health and in the development of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Never think of your diet, just as a temporary diet to lose a couple of pounds. Find a healthy and realistically sustainable diet. Instead of just following this diet for a couple of weeks, make it a lifestyle change. Exercise does help the issue greatly when paired with healthy food. Your progression in losing weight will be hindered if you exercise and eat only processed food. Most obese people eat processed food, and they also overeat processed food. The most important term I’ve learned when it comes to diet is “moderation.” The definition of “moderation” is the avoidance of excess or extremes of anything. In this case, the extreme is the excessive amounts of food consumed daily by the individual. Although it is not realistic and is very unhealthy, you can actually eat all of your favorite unhealthy foods and still lose weight. The trick is moderation; too much of anything is a bad thing. Just a little bit every once in a while is ok. This philosophy obviously does not work with everything, such as drugs, but it works great for a diet.

A diet-related surgery is called a “tummy tuck.” This makes the patient’s stomach size considerably smaller, making the person have to eat much smaller portion sizes than they were used to. This surgery essentially forces moderation down on the patient constricting the quantity of food they can consume. Overall, do your best to eat healthily and live by moderation. Never succumb to peer pressure. Use your willpower to do (and eat) what you know is right.

Therapy will also help with Obesity. This is because Obesity not only a dangerous physical health issue but also a dangerous mental one (because of its physical effects).

From Cancer to Hypertension and Cardiac Arrest, nothing good ever comes from Obesity. If you do not believe me, think, “Do I really want an enlarged heart or a weak immune system?” My point is, nobody honestly would want to be obese. So, we should share knowledge to others about the dangers and the ways to stop this disorder. If you know anybody who is struggling with Obesity, do your best to help and support them. Of course, there are always those who want to change and will do anything to change, and there are those who are stubborn and refuse to change. Those who refuse to change will inevitably die of most likely either a heart/blood issue or cancer. However, we can teach better eating and exercising habits for our children. Another thing we can do to help our children is by raising them on a healthy, moderated diet. Do your best to stay as active as possible. Most importantly, never forget about moderation; it can save your life!

A Week of Eager Uncertainty

By Nathan Wayne

Yesterday, the same day that a $3 Trillion COVID-19 relief package was unveiled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbra Ferrer said that “with all certainty” Los Angeles will be under a stay-at-home order until July. Although this statement is yet to be officially proven by Los Angeles’ Mayor, Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Citizens are nevertheless shook at what may lay in wait for them. 

While the United States waits for the package to be voted on (expected later this week), Los Angeles’ own citizens are worried that they might not be able to start back to school as early as wanted and that if they do a second outbreak may cause more harm than the first.

Since many states citizens are still under stay-at-home orders, law enforcement officials have taken to new methods of controlling large areas;, drones. As seen in one of our first ever articles, Are You Happy or Appalled About Drones Hovering Over Fullerton Homes: residents of cities are not always ready for “flying cameras” “spying” on them. So when drones become a way of keeping us socially distanced, there are of course many bumps along the path.

Who knows what ideas will get into peoples minds after being kept home all this time., Hopefully we won’t have to deal with too many riots and threats.

The Medical Monthly: Cow Milk, Harmful or Helpful?

By Garrett Garcia

We have all heard our Mothers telling us to eat our vegetables. However, there is something else that is also quite common to hear, drink your milk! We aren’t talking about Almond or Soy milk, I mean actual Cow milk. Is milk being good for you just a “Wives Tale” or is this true. Let’s take an in depth look at what we should really be drinking.

Milk can be good for the bones because it offers a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Cow’s milk is fortified with vitamin D, which also benefits bone health. Calcium and vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis. Milk is also a rich source of choline; an important nutrient found to support sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory. Choline helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, and assists in the absorption of fat and can lessen chronic inflammation. Here is the reason why cow milk has always been pushed onto children; Calcium and other bone-friendly nutrients found in milk and dairy are important in developing bone. This is particularly important in childhood and adolescent children as these are critical periods for bone growth and skeletal development. Obviously, cow milk does have a strong point for when it comes to your health.

Sure cow milk will help your child’s bones develop now, though it is not designed for human consumption. Cow’s milk contains on average about three times the amount of protein than human milk does, which creates metabolic disturbances in humans that have detrimental bone health consequences. America has one of the highest consumption rates of dairy, yet one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Excess calcium needs to be excreted and the kidneys bear the load, which in turn contributes to the formation of kidney stones. Most dairy cattle are injected with a cocktail of hormones in order to artificially increase milk production. One of these, IGF 1 stimulates the rapid growth of calves (and humans) by boosting the division and multiplication of all cells. Perhaps not surprising that many studies have found a link between IGF 1 and various cancers. These cancers include prostate and breast cancer. Even acne is an effect of drinking cow milk.

Hopefully, I left you with enough information that you can make your own opinion on this matter. I really think that the cons outweigh the pros in this case. I would much rather eat vegetables and vitamins to get my nutrients in so that I could avoid all of the long term issues. Cow milk is literally breast milk meant for a baby cow. Some may say that it is animal abuse because you are depriving an animal of its milk. If you still want milk, you can always try Almond or Soy milk. I drink Almond milk and if you buy the right one, it tastes great.

Editors note: Tired of the constant news about COVID-19? Hopefully Garrett Garcia’s new segment “The Medical Monthly” will provide you with a healthy distraction. While at home, we should all shift our eating habits for the better! (Please pardon our unorganized site while we change the theme, when accessing the old site,, you will be directed to our new site, NathanWayne.News)

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