NWNreportsweekly Podcast #1

Presenting NWN’s new podcast “NWNreportsweekly” (hosted by Nathan Wayne Guerrero) in a kick-off segment that reviews the week Beverly Cleary passes away, President Biden meets the press at his first press conference, world trade meets trouble, and fiery objects fall from space.

Segment: https://anchor.fm/nwnreports/episodes/NWNreportsweekly-1-etk5io

Page: https://anchor.fm/nwnreports

NWNreportsweekly #3 NWNreports-Weekly

In this NWNreportsweekly Segment, Nathan gives a briefing including a royal tragedy, a famed rappers death, a massive volcanic eruption, and the push for more vaccinations.
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  3. NWNreportsweekly #1