Leaders In Danger

By Nathan Wayne

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, actors, politicians, and other famous figures have come down with the disease, and very recently it was announced that one of President Trump’s aids tested positive for the virus. This is not the first time this has happened, but this time we immediately saw a change in the President’s response. He was tested and immediately made the decision to start a quarantine for himself and First Lady Melania Trump. Early on the morning of Friday, October 2, It was announced that President Trump and the First Lady had tested positive.

This news comes just two days after President Trump was criticizing (and almost shaming) Vice President Biden for his practice of masks and social distancing. Now that this pandemic has hit the First Family, speculations of a change in the president’s view of the pandemic are becoming apparent. In President Trump’s words: “(Biden) Could be speaking 200 feet away” and then “Shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen” 

The candidate who is taking the most caution is the one who, so far, has not contracted the virus. However, after sharing the debate stage with the president Wednesday evening, worries of Vice President Biden having also caught the virus are seeming very realistic. 

The next few weeks are critical to the President’s sickness and recovery stages. Being in the categories of people who are more susceptible to the virus, the nation is hoping that vice President Biden does not contract the virus and that President Trump has a successful recovery.