A Debate Of Childish Actions

By Nathan Wayne

On September 30, 2020, half of the U.S. watched one of the most downright unprofessional debates the world has ever seen. The other half saved themselves from a racking headache. Every question started with the time in which each candidate had to answer, and the words “uninterrupted” being told like a rule to kindergartners. Moderator Chris Wallace’s composition was unworldly, as anyone else moderating a debate such as that would clearly lose their mind. 

It doesn’t matter who Americans support, but rather the fact that the nations “most promising” candidates are grown men who can’t respect simple rules or have the common sense to respect one another’s titles is scary.

Before most on this news team were born, there was a time when Presidential candidates did not have to tear down their opponents reputation just to make themselves look more credible. Neither of the candidates fighting for the 2020 Presidency have half of the skill they say they have because of the structure of their answers. The only way they are able to make a point is by starting with what the other opponent would do wrong. It might be easier for everyone to decide on a candidate if either one of them would be able to say five things they plan to do in the first month of their presidency, how they plan to do it, and where the funding would come from.

It was a free-for-all debate, with Vice President Biden calling President Trump a “clown” and President Trump saying to him “let me shut you down”. Respect has gone down the drain, and we should all start searching for someone fit for the title of United States President 2024-2028 or possibly a President for even sooner than that time.