A Hidden Message

By Nathan Wayne

BLM protests are sparking a much needed revival in our ignorant society, everyone has turned a blind eye to police brutality and other harmful hate acts falling on this distraught community. However, when fighting for a cause you care so much about, why should you be supporting a string of other organizations and political agendas at the same time?

The fight for black lives is not a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans, but BLM itself is. Saying “Black Lives Matter” used to just mean that black lives matter (which they really do), now this phrase has turned into a tower of other agendas. Black Lives Matter is run by what the co founders describe themselves as; “trained Marxists”. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors described herself and another Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza, as trained Marxists in 2015; https://youtube/8J68p5l-gjQ

The sane solution would not be to defund police forces as that is something which would cause riots every day. Even if this idea did go into effect, our society of all races would most likely end up wishing things were the same as before. Some do not agree with fully defunding the police, and others do not appreciate the agendas attached to BLM, so why do we have to take a uniting movement and politicize it?

The answer is money. Yes the founders care about black lives (as they are black), but the whole mission of a race should not be based on the political views of a few people.

Next time you go on Facebook and decide to put the ring around your profile picture that says Black Lives Matter, make sure that you really agree with the agenda you’re pushing forward. We should all check that we aren’t being duped by organizations who are using an important topic to further their unrelated ideology. Many organizations use a specific topic to hide the promotion of a specific lifestyle. #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just saying that black lives matter, you’re also pushing forward a different type of government, in which police forces are under-funded and the livelihood of the U.S. relies on the unpredictable citizens.

There is more to Black Lives Matter than just calling for that specific change, and that is what’s scary. We are all ready for a change, but the change we are supporting isn’t what we all want.