A History Waiting To Be Revived

Horology; it’s not a spiritual term, and it has nothing to do with plants whatsoever. Stand in your house and be completely silent, hear that ticking noise? Horology is the study of time, and a Horologist is someone who works on clocks. There are wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, chiming clocks (including striking ones), grandmother clocks, grandfather clocks, and pendulum clocks. I have a few of these types, and believe it or not I know people who have 80 different clocks!

There are three main reasons many people don’t value clocks anymore; They are loud, expensive to maintain, and space-consuming. Though these assumptions are sometimes not true. A clock brings class to a home and is able to be replaced with numerous movements available online. It also doesn’t hurt a clock to put material on openings for a damper. As for clocks being space-consuming, there are small modern cuckoo clocks that fit in any small space!

Some clock shops will overcharge for a simple fix, so it can be fun to learn to repair clocks yourself. Clock is a very general term, so one in particular would be a Hermle movement Westminster Chime mantle clock as shown in the picture. I acquired one of these in June of 2020, they are very complicated to a beginner and sometimes even dangerous! A spring with tension has the potential to really hurt you.

There are many different ways to tell the age of a clock, in the mid 90’s clocks were labeled with a plate saying “Tempis Fugit” meaning “Time Flies”. The clock I received says just that, and was labeled ‘67. Sometimes a clock that is rusted and old is worth more than a grandfather clock, depending on the age. 

The point of this was not to make everyone a horologist, as there are hardly any ways to get a formal education on clocks. Though hopefully you learned something new, and maybe next time you see a clock at a garage sale you’ll go for it!

Published by: Nathan Wayne News

We are a group of next-generation reporters / interviewers based mainly in Southern California. We are associated with three newspapers, and founded the Society for Young Writers of California.

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