Gardening Solutions

By Nathan Wayne

Throughout this quarantine “season” we have all discovered different newfound interests. For me, one of these interests has been gardening. The benefits of growing your own food are countless. When gardening, skills such as architecture and interests in botany are developed, making the possibilities endless.

Certain people lean toward the box planter (Image 1). The main reason for this is to provide an animal-free space with minimal weeds. Depending on the size, these can range anywhere in price from $30-$400. Other options include in-ground box planters which basically block off a square of dirt for a less showy garden.

Though, you might prefer larger versions of gardening through trees and shrubs (Image 2). BEWARE that planting fruit trees can cause long-term damage to pipes, structures, and pavement. For certain variations of fruit, such as the avocado, it is recommended to space up to 30 feet between plants and structures. Fruit trees can be bought from seedlings at a price varying from $10-$50 or matured at $75-$1000. Certain fruit trees must be covered during summer to prevent heat damage.

Personally, I prefer landscaped flower gardens (Image 3). These can be fun to work on, as they can include ponds, trellises, and statues. If you are on a budget you can find seeds and dirt for $5, but if you want to go tropical with more diverse plants/bulbs than you still only need to pay around $20.

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NOTE: All pictures were taken from our gardens, both established gardens and test gardens.