A Sick Fib

By Nathan Wayne

Now you are getting tired of constant news headlines about the octopus like ball, and the same information being repeated to you every minute. This has finally become a real nightmare. Maybe you have not seen your parents/grandparents since this started, or you might just miss those times you used to go to the mall to look around. Every person has become afraid and countries are losing each other’s trust. When will this end? How will it end? How did it start? These are all things that the whole world is still unsure of, even with recent reopening. You might have noticed by now that I have not even mentioned what we are talking about, but I am sure you can take a guess.

The news being on your television 24/7 is the last thing that we need right now, but the only “activity” many of us have. Though, news articles are helpful to deliver thought-out stories that don’t give us a glimpse at a false hope. By now we all know the information that stations are going to report before they even do it. I also know for a fact that China’s case reporting was not a “little off”, but DRASTICALLY OFF. No evidence is needed to support this besides our populations and the cases reported. This is for everyone who doesn’t believe in COVID-19,and believes in China’s reporting.

In 2018 China had a population of about 1.3 billion according to the overall graph which you can look up in your browser provided by Wikipedia and such. They have had at most reported about 85,000 cases at the same time, rounded to the nearest thousand (5/26/2020). They started to report at the end of January, and had huge gatherings for Chinese New Year. We currently have over 20.6 times as many cases as China has currently reported. On top of that they are almost four times larger than the U.S. population wise, and many of their cities are very populous and compact (some being larger than NYC). Guangdong province which has the largest population out of all the Chinese provinces has most recently 111,000,000 citizens, and less than 2,000 reported cases, with less than 2,000 reported recoveries. We have more cases in Orange County, and as of 2018 our population is only 1.38 million, not including how we don’t have many close-together skyscrapers. 

All countries experiment with biological weapons and different ways to improve and dominate our advancing world, if not the universe. But China may have actually spread this virus to other countries on purpose. If they claim that they only have about 83,000 cases, it could be true. Maybe they have something we do not know about, a vaccine. If they had enough time in advance to know to wear masks and fully recover from this pandemic before the rest of the world even experienced it, then they clearly wished the world harm. This is not the fault of people in China, but rather the foolish government itself. For one last thing to leave you with; Shanghai has reported less than 700 cases and has a population of over 24,000,000 people.

I would like every reader to comment their thought on this question below; If we have reported 20 times as many cases as China, and if they are 4 times more populous than us (and closer together) than wouldn’t their information be at least 80 times off (considering they reportedly do not have a vaccine)?

This article was written on 5/26/2020, due to rapidly changing information we can not provide exact case numbers, but this has all fit together and been fact-checked as of that date.