A Week of Eager Uncertainty

By Nathan Wayne

Yesterday, the same day that a $3 Trillion COVID-19 relief package was unveiled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbra Ferrer said that “with all certainty” Los Angeles will be under a stay-at-home order until July. Although this statement is yet to be officially proven by Los Angeles’ Mayor, Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Citizens are nevertheless shook at what may lay in wait for them. 

While the United States waits for the package to be voted on (expected later this week), Los Angeles’ own citizens are worried that they might not be able to start back to school as early as wanted and that if they do a second outbreak may cause more harm than the first.

Since many states citizens are still under stay-at-home orders, law enforcement officials have taken to new methods of controlling large areas;, drones. As seen in one of our first ever articles, Are You Happy or Appalled About Drones Hovering Over Fullerton Homes: https://nathanwayne.news/2019/03/22/are-you-happy-or-appalled-about-drones-hovering-over-fullerton-homesMany residents of cities are not always ready for “flying cameras” “spying” on them. So when drones become a way of keeping us socially distanced, there are of course many bumps along the path.

Who knows what ideas will get into peoples minds after being kept home all this time., Hopefully we won’t have to deal with too many riots and threats.