The Medical Monthly: Cow Milk, Harmful or Helpful?

By Garrett Garcia

We have all heard our Mothers telling us to eat our vegetables. However, there is something else that is also quite common to hear, drink your milk! We aren’t talking about Almond or Soy milk, I mean actual Cow milk. Is milk being good for you just a “Wives Tale” or is this true. Let’s take an in depth look at what we should really be drinking.

Milk can be good for the bones because it offers a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Cow’s milk is fortified with vitamin D, which also benefits bone health. Calcium and vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis. Milk is also a rich source of choline; an important nutrient found to support sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory. Choline helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, and assists in the absorption of fat and can lessen chronic inflammation. Here is the reason why cow milk has always been pushed onto children; Calcium and other bone-friendly nutrients found in milk and dairy are important in developing bone. This is particularly important in childhood and adolescent children as these are critical periods for bone growth and skeletal development. Obviously, cow milk does have a strong point for when it comes to your health.

Sure cow milk will help your child’s bones develop now, though it is not designed for human consumption. Cow’s milk contains on average about three times the amount of protein than human milk does, which creates metabolic disturbances in humans that have detrimental bone health consequences. America has one of the highest consumption rates of dairy, yet one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Excess calcium needs to be excreted and the kidneys bear the load, which in turn contributes to the formation of kidney stones. Most dairy cattle are injected with a cocktail of hormones in order to artificially increase milk production. One of these, IGF 1 stimulates the rapid growth of calves (and humans) by boosting the division and multiplication of all cells. Perhaps not surprising that many studies have found a link between IGF 1 and various cancers. These cancers include prostate and breast cancer. Even acne is an effect of drinking cow milk.

Hopefully, I left you with enough information that you can make your own opinion on this matter. I really think that the cons outweigh the pros in this case. I would much rather eat vegetables and vitamins to get my nutrients in so that I could avoid all of the long term issues. Cow milk is literally breast milk meant for a baby cow. Some may say that it is animal abuse because you are depriving an animal of its milk. If you still want milk, you can always try Almond or Soy milk. I drink Almond milk and if you buy the right one, it tastes great.

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