KTLA 5 Interview, The Unexpected

By Nathan Wayne

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, I visited the KTLA News Studio with my aunt Veronica. I planned on simply walking in to watch the last hour and a half live. But something went wrong (or right?). This is how it happened:

On Veterans Day, I met Lynette Romero  and Mark Mester who are the hosts for KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News at an event that I attended with James Gomez, the mayor of La Habra. I got their emails and a few days later I asked what days would work. We settled on November 30. 

Before going into the studio, we drove around and did some sightseeing. We walked up to the office and were rushed over because they were about to go live. I was surprised at how different the studio really looked and that we were the only ones there to watch. Our seats were only feet away from the main news desk. It wasn’t as busy as you might expect and there weren’t many people there. Lynnette said that the weekend crew is a lot less than the normal crew. Some of the main cameras are programmed to move around, so there weren’t many camera supervisors. The studio was pretty cold but it was all smiles.

    They took us to the area where they control the headlines and the background. We sat at the main desk which was really fun. I went to the bathroom and later found out that one of the producers was talking to my aunt behind my back. They put mikes on us in the main studio and said it was “just in case they happen to quickly walk by us so that we could wave bye to the camera.” I knew they were making that up though because you do not need a mike for someone to wave, but they put a mike on my aunt too so that I would not be suspicious. During the last 10 minutes of the show, in the commercial break, Lynnette walked up to me with this look on her face and I knew what was going to happen next.

    I was told that if I wanted to be a reporter, I would be put on the spot a lot, so with no preparation to do a live interview, they told me to get ready for the unexpected. They introduced me, I asked my questions and we talked, then they suddenly said that we were running out of time, so they let me do the closing of Saturday’s Morning News! 

Overall, it was very fun to be invited to do a small segment and I enjoyed the experience, but for now, I think that I will just stick to writing articles.

Left to right: Lynette Romero, Nathan Wayne, Mark Mester
In front of KTLA Studio next to the KTLA News Van