October 6, 2019: Frankfurt

Today I woke up and had a waffle before we headed of to Koblenz. Once we were in Koblenz we were able to buy tickets for a day river cruise on the Rhine. The wind blew in my face and almost broke my umbrella several times; it was extremely scary for me even though everyone was relaxing, while drinking their little coffees inside the restaurant. We saw over 20 castles and I even got an iced coffee. Once we got off the boat we drove to the Lorelei. It was a treasure trove of beauty and we enjoyed it very much.

After our short stop at the Lorelei we headed to Assmannshausen and parked in the einfahrt of the small village. We had dinner at Zum Anker, a restaurant richly decorated with sailing memorabilia. I got to talk to the manager Mike, who has been collecting items to decorate the restaurant for over 18 years.

When we finished with our dinner we drove for a while to another small village with lots of shops (still addicted). We got out walked around and were able to see a few castles lit up in the night. I bought a silver German teaspoon and my mother bought few post cards. In the shop we were also able to see a cuckoo clock that cost around €30,000, I even got a few pictures in front of it. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel so we could get a good nights rest for tomorrow’s flight. Come back tomorrow for how the flight went and the boring wait leading up. The smallest villages are the best places to visit and they have the nicest people. City life is great but the treasure lies within the heart of the small towns. Today was my parent’s 23rd anniversary and it was one of the best places to celebrate.

Our new friend Mike
Happy to be on the Rhine
The best food at Zum Anker
A dinner surrounded by culture
Happy wine stand lady
Posing for no reason
The inside of our day cruise