October 5, 2019: Frankfurt Germany

After finally adjusting to the time difference, I got up (on time), ate some oatmeal, and then we headed out. We walked for about 10 min down the street to the old town center, which is surrounded by traditional German architecture and with a large cathedral in the middle. I was overjoyed being surrounded with so many cuckoo clock shops. All day I was looking for cuckoo clocks, until my mom eventually said “we will come back later”. We saw another short river cruise ticket station that was right across the street from where we were, so we went for it.

The cruise was beautiful and we got to see the Frankfurt skyline very clearly. It is very affordable and I suggest that if you are in any place (if the place is beautiful) you should buy short river cruise tickets (if the place has a river). When we got off the cruise we explored the other side of the river a little, then we headed back to the old town center where we were before. We went to about seven different cuckoo clock shops, trying to find “the one we would come back to”. We never did find “the one” but we found another cuckoo clock shop that was across the walkway. The shop that we found had cuckoo clocks ranging from $3-1500. I got one that was made in the Black Forest and looks similar to the one shown in the picture below.

After having dinner at a restaurant with “trees” inside of it, we headed back to the hotel to rest. On the way back, we even saw one of the only types of self driving busses with no driver and with people inside! While my parents rested, I headed down to the indoor pool and took two freezing cold steps in it ( 1. It was way to cold 2. I thought it had sharks in it ????). After “swimming” in the pool, I walked to the sauna where I met two people from Stuttgart who were very fun to talk to. After my parents rested and I “swam”, we walked to one of the tallest buildings in Frankfurt called the Main Tower, where you can take an elevator to an observing level at the top. We stayed there for a while and you know I did a good job summing it up, because by the time we got back it was almost 10 pm CEST (We left at 9 am CEST. Going to Frankfurt? Then you have to do three things, 1. Buy a cuckoo clock, 2. Eat sausage (which I need to do), and 3. Go to Main Tower. Do you have a cuckoo clock?

P.S. Lunch was just a croissant turkey sandwich.

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Locks covering a local bridge
Driverless bus with passengers inside
Worker at the cuckoo clock/souvenir shop who was happy to help
Eating dinner in a “forest”
The observing level of Main Tower
I got the chance to meet some locals
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Cuckoo clock similar to the one I bought