October 3, 2019: Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Strasbourg France/ Germany

October 3, 2019: This morning I woke up, then I walked over to my moms bed to wake her up. I rushed down to the restaurant to eat breakfast and we headed out soon afterwards. We drove for about two hours to the French border, with no intention of staying in France more than an hour. We parked the car near an opera house and walked between very tall narrow French style apartments. Eventually the walkway opened up into a large open area with souvenir shops galore. Smack in the middle of this large center filled with shops and restaurants was Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. We climbed in the towers of the cathedral and I got a souvenir coin to remember the fun trip. I also went into a little shop to do some more souvenir shopping (I am addicted). In that shop I met Donna, who is also from California. Donna was one of the few people we met in Strasbourg that we were able to speak English to! We went on a short river cruise in a narrow water canal and we were able to see the different sights from a rare view. At one point in the cruise we went in a water lock, which was able to raise our boat to a higher water level. After the one hour cruise we got baguette sandwiches and ate next to a large carousel. My dad picked up the car to get us so that we could take off for Frankfurt. After a couple hours, we finally arrived at the Adina Apartment Hotels. I was happy to find that in the hotel I have a large room with my own bed. We are on the middle level, so we can see very far. Today we found out that it is almost impossible to go to beautiful Strasbourg without spending at least half a day there. In my moms opinion, Strasbourg is even better than Paris was (when she went a few years ago). If you are already in Europe, it is definitely something I would recommend.

View of the Palais Rohan from Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
So happy to be at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
View of the city streets from our hotel balcony
A dog relaxing in busy Strasbourg