October 2, 2019: Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart Germany

October 2, 2019: We woke up around 10 am CEST and started off with a great breakfast provided by the Nestor Hotel (same routine). Soon after breakfast my mom and I took off to the metro station (while my father left to his Dürr NDT meeting). We took the metro to central Stuttgart and then we headed towards New Palace, a beautiful palace with a gothic fountain in the middle. Afterwards we went to Landesmuseum Württemberg. We were able to see lots of ancient artifacts from different places in Europe including Rome, Greece, and Germany. We shopped around at some of the many malls and explored the city! When my dad got out of his Dürr NDT meting we headed off to feed the deer with some bread that I got from breakfast (it is allowed). The deer are kept in a large forest surrounding Schloss Favorite, a castle less than 1,000 Meters behind Ludwigsburg Palace (see yesterday’s article). The castle ended up being closed but we were still able to take a few pictures and feed the deer. Dinner was hard to decide on but we finally chose a small pizza place with employees who only speak German. My dad found out the hard way that the Pizza place did not accept credit cards. Our total was about €20, but my dad only had €10 on him. In the end my dad offered him $20 and €10 so they accepted it, though they looked very puzzled while holding the $20. The weather was cold and it did rain, but we had a good day filled with surprises! Today was the last day of the Dürr NDT meeting, so my dad gets to start his vacation tomorrow!

A diamond crown that I do not have an explanation for
The view of Ludwigsburg Palace from Schloss Favorite
The view of Schloss Favorite from the street
I wasn’t able to completely translate the explanation, but has something to do with the Magna Carta
I was so excited to feed the deer
Richard (front left) and Gilles (back left) with Oliver (back right) having dinner after the last Dürr NDT meeting at the Nestor Hotel
My favorite part of the Landesmuseum Württemberg, a large jeweled crown and sceptre
Our rental car goes pretty fast on the German autobahn
Fooling around at New Palace