October 1, 2019: Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart Germany

Today we started off with a wonderful hotel breakfast and headed off toward Ludwigsburg Palace, we toured the palace and gardens and even got to see the large pumpkin displays. Around 4:15 pm CEST we headed off in a double decker tour bus to Volkfest, the Stuttgart version of Oktoberfest. We had dinner with representatives from over 30 different countries for Dürr NDT (the non destructive testing institute that my dad is a dealer for). I sat next to Oliver Ruzek, who has been the CEO of Dürr for over four years and a close family friend. We even went on a ride that drops you from over 255 feet in the air. Oliver thought it was nothing, but I was scared to death! Oliver paid for a round of darts for a ballon game and I ended up only missing one out of five. I won a “schwein” or pig stuffed animal from the game and had a really great time, we also drove bumper cars, or what the Australian dealer called “dodging cars”

Ludwigsburg Palace with a pumpkin frog in front
Nathan having dinner with Oliver
Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens
Another section of Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens
One of the many apartments in Ludwigsburg Palace