California Recall Election

By Nathan Wayne Today is recall Election Day in California. This recall election for incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom is currently the most popular and divisive topic of conversation in California communities. To some, the recall effort is a partisan and unnecessary waste of state funds and resources in a time when everything is running smoothly,… Read More California Recall Election

Emissions Rising-FAST

By Elyse Geiger With the halting of normal life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, greenhouse gas emissions decreased. Though, with an increase of activity due to modified restrictions, greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise again and are projected to continue increasing in the coming months.  The International Energy Agency reports… Read More Emissions Rising-FAST

Eliminating the Use of Private Criminal Detention Facilities

By Alyse Geiger On January 26, 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14006. In short, this order is aimed at removing the for-profit prison system in the United States. Specifically, the order states that “The Attorney General shall not renew Department of Justice contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities…” Although proponents of for-profit… Read More Eliminating the Use of Private Criminal Detention Facilities

Mysterious Israeli Oil Spill

By Leah Modica Israel’s Mediterranean coast is victim of a mysterious “unnatural” disaster. Last week locals reported that they were spotting black tar balls washing ashore on the Israeli coast. Upon further investigation from Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), these tar balls originated from an oil spill from a passing ship. The Isreali government… Read More Mysterious Israeli Oil Spill

Biden’s China Challenge

By Shayan Shirkhodai When people consider President Biden’s biggest challenges since attaining the presidency, they often cite concerns regarding the impeachment of former president Donald J. Trump, climate change, or solving the headache of polarization. Needless to say, this is a list of items that should not be ignored. However, upon further examination, it becomes… Read More Biden’s China Challenge

Back to Confusion

By Nathan Wayne Many people on opposing sides of the political spectrum are in agreement that online schooling has been challenging for teachers and students. In an ideal world, a vaccine approved for all ages would be available and accessible now, and kids would be full-time learning on campus. Until the ideal becomes a reality,… Read More Back to Confusion

Job Searchers: Ditch the Bots

By Leah Modica 70 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in 2020. 70 million people questioning the fate of their careers with nothing but gloomy outlooks. With the job market being the most competitive on the applicant side and dead on the employers side – finding a job seems to be almost impossible.  I experienced… Read More Job Searchers: Ditch the Bots