An Ecological Disaster in the Making

By Leah Modica

Currently a massive 264-metre oil tanker stocked with 1.4 million barrels of crude oil is stationed off the coast of Venezuela. This vessel has sustained alarming damages as it sat neglected for years by the Socailist Veneuzelan President, Nicolas Maduro. Every day it is getting closer to capsizing. If this vessel does capsize, it will be 5 times greater than the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 off the coast of Alaska.

Drone footage of the listing Venezuelan oil tanker, FSO Nabarima, taken on 16 October 2020, showing … [+] TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FISHERMEN AND FRIENDS OF THE SEA

This massive carrier was used as a stationary platform aide in the OPEC nation’s oil export. Due to slowed production from Covid-19 the FSO Nabarima has sat untouched for months.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has directed all his attention to the petty battles between his government and the oil workers union, rather than the oil-slicked problem at large. Very little resolutions have been made on this issue due to the consistent disagreement. 

The FSO Nabarima’s failing conditions were brought to light by an anti-government oil worker  Eudis Girot, who also heads the Unitary Federation of Petroleum Workers of Venezuelan. Girot phrased in a video posted earlier this week,”I invited you, Mr. President. Take a helicopter. Go out there. Do your own inspection.”

Russ Dallen, head of Caracas Capital Markets, supports Girot in saying, “That ship should not be in this shape except for neglect and stupidity,” who closely tracks Venezuela’s maritime industry. 

4 Sep 2020: reports in the local press of Trinidad and Tobago six weeks ago showed the risk of the … [+] TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO GUARDIAN

If capsized, the crude oil will damage, and very possible destroy the flushing ecosystem of the crystal blue Carribean. The surrounding nations will be beat down again in wake of the global pandemic. The Venezelan government and the OPEC will lose millions, if not billions of dollars in the clean up efforts. In order to save People, the Planet and Profits there needs to be swift actions in place for the FSO Nabarima. 

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The Breakdown of Sustainability

By Leah Modica

Publishers Note: Leah Modica is NWN’s resident Sustainability Research Journalist. She currently resides in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and has dedicated her time to the fight for a sustainable planet.

Sustainability is a grey zone for many. It is an ambiguous term that entails various different definitions depending on whom you may ask. Politicians often use it as a crutch term to enhance their environmental proposals. Engineers may tell you the technical blueprint to Sustainability by drowning it in non-layman’s terms. For you, the basis you need to know is: Planet, People, Profit. 

These three P’s are known as the Triple Bottom Line Theory, which is an economic term coined by the business and engineering sectors. Sustainability is not just being eco-friendly. It encompasses every aspect of daily life and how to be beneficial to each of those three aspects. Many suggest that this theory can only be practiced through business, but I strongly believe it is capable of translating into everyday life. Whether you are looking to lead a more sustainable business or would like to do your independent push for green footprints; these three subjects will help you create a sound game plan. Let me dissect these down further:

Planet: This is the most recognizable sector of sustainability. Many confuse this as the only aspect. It can be argued that incorporating the planetary facet should be top priority; and truthfully it should. If you are a business owner, you should start asking yourself questions like, ‘How can your company produce less waste?’  It may seem unattainable to use the generally higher priced green products or to change the set in stone ways of production. The key argument to that is that a company that produces less waste not only saves the environment but saves time and productivity. Producing efficiently is also producing sustainably. Less waste + less production time = a sustaining work flow. This seamlessly transitions into everyday life. If you are from the younger generations, like I am, Reduce, Reuse,and Recycle have been drilled into your subconscious. Why not act on them? Create a sustainable lifestyle by producing less physical waste and time wasted. 

People: This is where things get personal. Not only are you asking the questions about how will your sustainable changes affect the people around you, but how will they affect your own life? Cliche, but in order to do good your mind and body must be good. This translates to companies as well. A company that is in good standings with employees that are whole-heartedly satisfied with their work is just as important as the products and services you produce. Creating less waste in your personal and company life, is how to be more sustainable. This waste means physical, mental and emotional.

Profit: On a community and personal level, you can gain profit through monetary savings, leisure time and peace of mind. Chase these profits, a sustainable life is immensely rewarding.

It is this simple; every change you make should have a positive outcome with benefits to yourself, the community and the planet. From my understanding on sustainability, this is the basis for which you should start analyzing your own and the public changes. You’ve only got one mind, nourish it. We’ve only got one planet, save it. 

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Leaders In Danger

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, actors, politicians, and other famous figures have come down with the disease, and very recently it was announced that one of President Trump’s aids tested positive for the virus. This is not the first time this has happened, but this time we immediately saw a change in the President’s response. He was tested and immediately made the decision to start a quarantine for himself and First Lady Melania Trump. Early on the morning of Friday, October 2, It was announced that President Trump and the First Lady had tested positive.

This news comes just two days after President Trump was criticizing (and almost shaming) Vice President Biden for his practice of masks and social distancing. Now that this pandemic has hit the First Family, speculations of a change in the president’s view of the pandemic are becoming apparent. In President Trump’s words: “(Biden) Could be speaking 200 feet away” and then “Shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen” 

The candidate who is taking the most caution is the one who, so far, has not contracted the virus. However, after sharing the debate stage with the president Wednesday evening, worries of Vice President Biden having also caught the virus are seeming very realistic. 

The next few weeks are critical to the President’s sickness and recovery stages. Being in the categories of people who are more susceptible to the virus, the nation is hoping that vice President Biden does not contract the virus and that President Trump has a successful recovery.

A Debate Of Childish Actions

By Nathan Wayne

On September 30, 2020, half of the U.S. watched one of the most downright unprofessional debates the world has ever seen. The other half saved themselves from a racking headache. Every question started with the time in which each candidate had to answer, and the words “uninterrupted” being told like a rule to kindergartners. Moderator Chris Wallace’s composition was unworldly, as anyone else moderating a debate such as that would clearly lose their mind. 

It doesn’t matter who Americans support, but rather the fact that the nations “most promising” candidates are grown men who can’t respect simple rules or have the common sense to respect one another’s titles is scary.

Before most on this news team were born, there was a time when Presidential candidates did not have to tear down their opponents reputation just to make themselves look more credible. Neither of the candidates fighting for the 2020 Presidency have half of the skill they say they have because of the structure of their answers. The only way they are able to make a point is by starting with what the other opponent would do wrong. It might be easier for everyone to decide on a candidate if either one of them would be able to say five things they plan to do in the first month of their presidency, how they plan to do it, and where the funding would come from.

It was a free-for-all debate, with Vice President Biden calling President Trump a “clown” and President Trump saying to him “let me shut you down”. Respect has gone down the drain, and we should all start searching for someone fit for the title of United States President 2024-2028 or possibly a President for even sooner than that time.

First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Haven’t started watching the first Trump-Biden Presidential Debate? Join now with the following links to watch live on Fox, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, or NBC. Every vote helps decide the next four years of the United States history!






Here’s something to get you watching; so far President Trump said to Vice President Biden “Let me shut you down” and Vice President Biden called President Trump a “Clown”. You’re in for a fierce battle!

In Remembrance: 9-11-2001

We are all thinking of the families that were afflicted by the tragic terrorist attack that took place on this very day 19 years ago. Many of us from the next generation are unaware of the pain our countries people had to go through emotionally and economically to get to this point in ending mass-terrorism that we have reached today. #remembrance #nineeleven #remember #firefighters

A Hidden Message

By Nathan Wayne

BLM protests are sparking a much needed revival in our ignorant society, everyone has turned a blind eye to police brutality and other harmful hate acts falling on this distraught community. However, when fighting for a cause you care so much about, why should you be supporting a string of other organizations and political agendas at the same time?

The fight for black lives is not a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans, but BLM itself is. Saying “Black Lives Matter” used to just mean that black lives matter (which they really do), now this phrase has turned into a tower of other agendas. Black Lives Matter is run by what the co founders describe themselves as; “trained Marxists”. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors described herself and another Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza, as trained Marxists in 2015; https://youtube/8J68p5l-gjQ

The sane solution would not be to defund police forces as that is something which would cause riots every day. Even if this idea did go into effect, our society of all races would most likely end up wishing things were the same as before. Some do not agree with fully defunding the police, and others do not appreciate the agendas attached to BLM, so why do we have to take a uniting movement and politicize it?

The answer is money. Yes the founders care about black lives (as they are black), but the whole mission of a race should not be based on the political views of a few people.

Next time you go on Facebook and decide to put the ring around your profile picture that says Black Lives Matter, make sure that you really agree with the agenda you’re pushing forward. We should all check that we aren’t being duped by organizations who are using an important topic to further their unrelated ideology. Many organizations use a specific topic to hide the promotion of a specific lifestyle. #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just saying that black lives matter, you’re also pushing forward a different type of government, in which police forces are under-funded and the livelihood of the U.S. relies on the unpredictable citizens.

There is more to Black Lives Matter than just calling for that specific change, and that is what’s scary. We are all ready for a change, but the change we are supporting isn’t what we all want.

The Medical Monthly: Childhood Obesity

By Garrett R. Garcia

We’ve previously talked about obesity and it’s different effects. It does not matter if you are a child or a full-grown adult, being obese is never good. Yet, the majority of the population turn a blind eye to childhood obesity. They make excuses such as, “They will thin out when they are older”. That, however, is not always the case.

 There are two very common and very harmful causes of obesity in both children and adults. These are lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Exercise is something that all animals and humans need to maintain a functional lifestyle. According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans all children who are at least six years old must exercise for a minimum of sixty minutes per day. One hundred and fifty years ago, our species was very active. Now, with all of our modern luxuries, we do not need to go and walk to town or go hunting all day just so that we can eat in winter. 

Parents can, at certain times, be oblivious to the fact that too much nutritious food may harm their child. Firstly, they can consume unhealthy sugary foods and drinks. Or, they can eat way too much nutritious food. With these different unhealthy habits, you have the perfect physical “recipe” for obesity. The rest of the causes are really just mental. While healthy food is overall more beneficial than sugary and greasy foods there is one more word that really separates the two. This word is one you might remember;  moderation. Moderation is a habit parents need to instill in their children so that they don’t finish off a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. No matter which way you look at it, Obesity comes down to a mental disorder that can cause health problems such as cardiac arrest and type two diabetes. These mental issues; Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia can potentially lead to obesity, especially if the people who have these issues have a poor diet. Children are just as likely to develop these issues as an adult. Although they are not completely to blame, the child’s parents play a huge role in whether or not they are obese.

The effects of this issue are devastating on children. There are problems that are visible from the outside and there are also problems that reside in the body. “Potbelly” is a very common symptom that will develop from obesity. Lack of energy is also something that will affect your physical capabilities. This is because most people who are obese are carrying around two or more times their healthy body weight in fat. Having all of this weight is very strenuous on the body to carry around all day. This can potentially cause problems in your joints and bones. Children’s social life can be affected. They can be bullied, picked on or harassed because of their size. Because of this teasing and bullying, the child can develop low self-esteem. There have even been self-reports of a, “lower quality of life”. Parents might tell their children that they are perfect the way they are, however, this can be even more unhealthy as the child will continue to consume unhealthy food. Also, be careful because it’s not always the foods you and your children eat, but when you eat them too.

While it is less talked about, Childhood obesity is even worse on the body than normal obesity. This is because it can “manifest” inside the child’s body as they grow older. The conditions can worsen. Even if you change diets, there is still a huge risk for permanent health problems with your body. All it takes to change is you and nothing/no one else. Remember, it takes a mere sixty minutes of your day to change your whole life. It has also been proven that heavier people are able to burn fat faster than the average weighted person.

The Medical Monthly Is Sponsored By Willick Engineering: Quality industrial/medical equipment to push the world forward.

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Digital X-Ray Art Authentication

By Nathan Wayne

You can purchase a Picasso replica painting off Amazon for $5, so how do you know if the $50 Million piece of original artwork hanging on your wall is really authentic? The solution is digital x-ray art authentication.

Art authentication is the process of scientifically testing art pieces using various methods. These methods include carbon dating, examining under digital microscopes, and digital x-ray. These methods are similar to identifying fingerprints because there are noticeably different traits in each painting. Each artist has their own painting technique and style.

Willick Engineering is a team of experts in digital x-ray imaging technology involved in several projects related to art authentication. They have recently investigated the authenticity of an alleged Picasso. An art investor wanted assurance of his purchase, so the artwork was brought to Willick Engineering for digital X-Ray investigation. What was discovered gave clues to the experts that helped determine whether or not this could have been attributed to Picasso.

Using high resolution digital x-ray imaging technology (DÜRR HDCR35 Computed Radiography System), Willick Engineering was able to reveal the hidden painting behind the painting. Can you tell what it is? Sometimes x-ray images aren’t that obvious but this is an exception. Doesn’t that look like the fronds of a pineapple, what about those juicy apples? It could be a bowl of fruit, but there is no doubt something there. Does this prove the alleged Picasso’s authenticity. Well, we can see in his other styles that fruit bowls are prominent. So this could very well be his work of art.

Many of us dropped our jaws when Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi sold at an auction for $450,350,000. Why would someone pay this much for something that was painted hundreds of years ago? It is because of his style. In certain paintings that have peaceful depictions, what lay behind is very dark. For example, upon x-ray examinations, a battle scene with horses and swords drawn was found behind Leonardo’s Adoration Of The Magi. Also, the type of pigment used in his paint was lapis lazuli (worth more than gold at the time) and was found using microscopic sampling.

Artwork is unique, but the ever-growing mind of man never has a large enough challenge, so technology must advance to the advanced skills of criminal masterminds.

A Bird’s-Eye View

By Regina Rodeghiero

Can you imagine being surrounded by vividly vibrant colors and unusual patterns on various birds flying about you? This is an everyday sight for birds, but as for humans, the sight is otherworldly and unimaginable. How do bird’s eyes and human’s eyes differ? When birds look at each other, they see an astonishing amount of pigments and patterns that adorn each birds’ feathers and beak, a sight that is inconceivable for the human mind. How is this possible? 

Birds can see ultraviolet or UV light. It exists because humans see wavelengths between 390 nanometers and 700 nanometers; this ranges from violet to red and is called the visible spectrum. Humans have trichromatic vision and therefore detect light with three kinds of retinal cone photoreceptors. The retina where these are located contains about 130 million photoreceptors that change rays of light into electrical impulses that travel to the brain.  Birds differ in that they contain more photoreceptors than humans and have four kinds of retinal cones instead of three. Bird’s eyes also use a retinal oil that contains pigments to protect its eye from the damage of ultraviolet light and filter out the extraneous wavelengths. Lastly, birds have a double retinal cone whose purpose is currently unknown. 

Birds are divided into two groups based on the color of light (wavelength) that their retinal cones detect most intensely. Scientists define the two groups as ultraviolet-sensitive or as violet-sensitive. These patterns and pigments help birds tell each other apart. For example, a male and female parrot that look indistinguishable to us may have UV patterns that make them appear diverse to each other.  Birds also rely on their perception of UV light for success and survival. These fluorescent pigments play a significant role throughout an avian species’ life in selecting mates, differentiating eggs, healthy fledglings, and foraging for food. 

Ultraviolet light and fluorescence constitute a significant factor in natural selection between male and female birds. To illustrate; depending on the species, a female might choose a male with more or less fluorescence that determines how healthy the male is and therefore, will produce healthier offspring. Next, the eggs have specific patterns that distinguish a mother’s eggs from those of a different species. A mother bird does not want to feed unwell hatchlings when the same resources could be feeding the healthy and likely-to-survive young. Therefore, the pigments and patterns on chicks tell the mother bird whom to feed while marks on their beaks tell her where to put the worms. Fowls use UV light to their advantage when foraging for food as berries reflect light, and for raptors as vole’s urine trails reflect light, possibly even  leading to its next meal. 

Birds have such a larger sense of color then us humans do, and as for food, they are able to sustain themselves thanks to this highly-sophisticated ability. A bird’s ability to see ultraviolet light is a vital part of their survival, and without it they might have become extinct. Scientists are studying this ability because it could lead to many technological advances in the future and a more comprehensive understanding about our world, for both our feathered friends and humanity itself.

Imagine seeing this in a whole other world of color

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